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Who Loves Ya Baby!

It’s a necessary evil. Web reviews… these are, whether we like it nor not, how many people make buying decisions and they enhance your local search visibility. It’d be all good if there weren’t some knuckleheads to choose to torch businesses over petty issues they have with them. Yet those unhinged reviews stick.

I have a client who has hundreds of 4 and 5 star google reviews. A few years back someone didn’t like their experience with them. So instead of calling my client to voice their concerns or frustrations they simply posted a flaming review under an assumed name. By the specifics in and timing of the review, my clients knew exactly who the reviewer was.

Now, most rational consumers who look at reviews can judge these bad reviews based on the language used in them – often offensive or at the very least inflammatory. So, there’s that. Then there’s the conundrum of how to generate a good volume of online reviews. Because, as mentioned above, let’s face it… online reviews do matter, and they drive business your way.

I recently discovered and did some research on a great online review and reputation management tool for b2c businesses. It’s called Podium (check them out here:

Podium delivers a very user-friendly way to solicit reviews from your customers, but also provides you a dashboard for managing and responding to reviews. It also has a module that enables your website for text-based contact, which is a great way to respond to people who want your products or services.

Podium’s dashboard not only helps you know when new reviews go live, it helps you generate more reviews to get found, get chosen, and get insight. Podium’s platform enables you to:

  • Build a reputation on the review sites that matter most to you
  • Improve local SEO to more easily get found
  • Gain insights to improve business operations
  • Manage, report on, and track all of your interactions

If you want to solidify your business’ online reputation and reviews, and provide customers a great tool to communicate with you, I strongly recommend you check them out!