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The Place for Pampered Pets

A couple months after we hung our shingle in 2006, Rock Creek Kennels (RCK) gave LeftBrainRightBrain a shot. 13 years later, we’re still partnering with them to support their brand. In spring of 2019 it was once again time for a refresh of their website.

Our last redesign for RCK was several years back and the site was beginning to show its age. So, Debbie Schappert, RCK’s owner, gave LBRB a call to talk about updating the site. Because of our long relationship with Debbie and RCK we didn’t need to go through a deep dive into understanding their brand and story. We were quickly able to zero in on a direction for a new look after a brief conversation about what Debbie had in mind.

The LBRB team was able to deliver initial layouts within about a week’s time and we hit the mark right out of the gate. The new look for the site is much brighter and easier to navigate than the previous version. The site also retained it’s ability to accept online reservations that forward an email to the RCK staff, as well as automatically printing out to RCK’s office printer so staff can pick up overnight reservations when they start their day.

“As usual, LeftBrainRightBrain was able to deliver exactly what we were looking for. They worked quickly to provide designs and were patient as we worked through edits prior to launch,” said Schappert. “We’ve been working with Drew and his team now for over a decade,” she continued, “and they have always been great to work with!”

We’ve enjoyed working with Rock Creek Kennels over the years and have also boarded our dogs there when traveling. When it comes to spoiling your fur babies nobody does it better than RCK and we’re proud to continue our collaboration with them!