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The Most Important Ally Your Business Can Have

The important role of your local chamber.

So here’s the story… It’s the 70s. We’re on a family vacation, a cross-country road trip. We’ve got some destinations we’re heading to, but stop in a city on the way to where we’re going. Mom looks in the phonebook for the number to the local chamber. We head over to their office and pile out of the car and into the chamber and Mom asks about local attractions and for the best family restaurants…

Fast forward to the current day. Unfortunately, a whole lot of young entrepreneurs think of their local chamber in this same way. An outdated organization that they don’t really need that is just a place to distribute brochures… you remember brochures, don’t you? Those printed tri-fold things that provide info about businesses. So OK, they don’t even have a brochure. After all, they’re killing it with digital networking. So why bother with that old school stuff?

The first chamber in recorded history was launched in 1599 in Marseille (MAhr-say) France, and it’s mission was to further the interests of local businesses and advocate for them with local governments. Fast forward to 1773. The concept landed in the American colonies, where the Boston Chamber organized a tax protest… otherwise known as The Boston Tea Party.

Chambers today don’t throw wild parties like that anymore, but they do, and always have worked to make doing business easier within their towns, cities and states. Young entrepreneurs are easy to dismiss them as we live in an increasingly digital world where they can access everything they need with a click of a button.

Today, we’re talking chambers of commerce – specifically that this ain’t your daddy’s chamber of commerce, and why would you want to go in there anyway?