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Does Your Hosting Provider Serve Up the Gold Standard in Products and Service?

Imagine yourself sitting in an upscale restaurant. You’ve ordered the foie gras and a ’96 Cabernet. You also wanted a crème brulee for dessert but are told that it’s not on the menu. OK, you can let that go for now.

The waiter delivers truffled spring pea risotto with a ’02 Rosé. You raise your hand to call this error to the waiter’s attention. But the waiter is nowhere to be found. There’s no 24/7 phone support or human you can speak to about the issue. You’re told to visit the website and submit a trouble ticket. You do that and get a return message thanking you for your input and that someone will get back to you within 72 hours to a couple of weeks.

That foie gras don’t fly.

So… why would you put up with this type of experience when it comes to your domain and hosting provider? Your hosting provider is where your primary marketing tool lives. Maybe you chose them because they would save you a few bucks. Cheap is as cheap does (see Cheap… A Cautionary Tale).

All too often I see this situation. A lower-priced provider is selected. But they don’t offer a robust set of products to support all of your web-based needs. And maybe worse, they offer no live phone support. So when that issue pops up that makes your site crash, or it gets hacked, there’s no one you can call. You’re forced to submit a ticket and who knows when you’ll get a response. Meanwhile, your site is down and opportunities are lost.

When it comes to your hosting and domain provider, don’t cut corners. You’ll pay for it in the long run. Choose a provider that offers 24/7/365 live phone support and a robust product set to cover you from domains to hosting to security and more.

I have been working in web development since the early 90s. I’ve seen and worked with probably hundreds of providers over that span of time. There are two providers that have risen above all others. and They offer everything needed to launch and keep your site up and running (you won’t hear, “That’s not on the menu!”), rarely have there been any outages (I can think of only one or two over the past 15 years), and you can always talk to a human.

So I strongly recommend going with one of these two providers if you’re launching a new business – for your domain and web hosting. Or if you’re somewhere else that requires you send your issues via a trouble ticket, switch over. We can help you with that transition.

Postscript – Over the years, I’ve encountered many folks claiming that they had or have issues with GoDaddy. More often than not these complaints come from IT/programmer types. Makes sense, since most of these folks know how to do it all themselves. But for the vast majority of us who are not technical, GoDaddy is pretty bullet-proof. As mentioned above I’ve used them from the beginning, and almost as long. And that’s going back a long way!