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The Brand Story... A Tale As Old As Time

We've Been Crafting Brand Stories Since the Olden Days

Recently in my space of the business world, the term Brand Story, or Story Brand, has become the new hot thing. The basic concept is this… A brand story doesn’t pitch your brand or what you do or offer. It makes an emotional connection with your potential customers by speaking directly to their need, their pain, their aspirations, etc. It’s visceral.

The brand story then positions your brand as the answer to those things, once you’ve established that the people who engage with it will “feel” that they are understood. It creates a connection, affinity, and loyalty. On a grand scale, think Starbucks, Apple, Nike.

Your brand becomes the hero of a story that’s centered on the customer. Then it shares who the brand is, what it stands for and why. It delivers value, a payoff, for the customer, even if they aren’t buying anything yet. Like a blog post that educates, elucidates and enlightens. It changes the life or perspective of the person who engages with it.

And the story ends where, as mentioned above the hero comes to the rescue. The call to action, or punch line, of the story gives the customer a reason to call or interact with the brand.

So… that’s what the story brand is, in a nutshell. Here’s a big secret. Donald Miller (author of an excellent book on the topic) didn’t invent a new way of doing things. Brand stories have been around since the time of Don Draper, and well before that. In the olden days, we called it Positioning. It’s always the first step we go through with a new client. Without it, nothing else will have consistency or be “on story.”

If you have a need to define and craft your brand story, give us a call (503.961.3647). We’ll help you weave a beautiful tale!