Root Revive Redux – LBRB Freshens Up and Launches New Site

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LeftBrainRightBrain Delivers New Look for Root Revive

root-reviveBeaverton, OR – February 2, 2016 – LeftBrainRightBrain Marketing (LBRB) today announced the launch of a new website for Root Revive.

“We began working with Grayce Root Revive, as they were called back then, in 2009,” said Drew Zagorski, Principal of LBRB. “so we’ve have had the privilege of seeing the Root Revive brand grow and evolve from the very beginning. This site marks version number 3 of their site, and a shift in branding. This version of the site is quite pared down from the previous one, but much more visual in it’s layout. It’s been a fun ride with Root Revive, and working with Lynette and Brett, over the past several years and we’re looking forward to seeing how they take the brand forward from here!”

“We’ve been working with LBRB from the moment we launched the Root Revive several years ago,” said Lynette Lange, President of Root Revive, “and they’ve been instrumental in helping us create a strong brand and message. This latest generation of our web site, the third they’ve helped us roll out, takes us to the next evolution of the Root Revive brand and Drew and his team did a great job in helping us realize our vision for it. Drew is also very organized, and does a great job of keeping projects and tasks moving forward to completion, always keeping us updated on where we are at in the process, and what he needs from us. They’ve been a great partner and collaborator for us throughout the years we’ve worked together, and this latest version of our web site is a case in point!”

About Root Revive

Root Revive® allows you to cover gray roots, whether you have dark or light ones, quickly, one time (until you shampoo) and takes just seconds to apply. The results are instant, the wear is continuous until shampooed out, and the look is natural. For more information, please visit the Root Revive web site.

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