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In the wave of the Brexit / Regrexit nonsense (as if we didn’t have enough of our own with our elections) overseas that has resulted in the United Kingdom opting out of the European Union, take a breath and have a steady hand on your business. Yes, the markets are going to get shaken up and our economy will most certainly be affected, just like everywhere else. Things might tighten up, and either way, they usually do when we transition from one Presidential administration to another.

So, if that goes down like history and the market analysts are saying it will, keep your cool when it comes to your business’ brand. Don’t do a BRanding EXIT, if things do get a little tight. Sure you may need to watch your spending, but don’t pull the plug on your marketing and branding altogether. Another thing that history has shown is that brands and businesses that continue to market themselves during both the up- and down-times are brands that survive.

In fact, it’s probably most critical to continue marketing your business when we’re in a down-trend. Businesses that don’t will not be stimulating activity to keep their products and services moving. When the dollars are tighter, it takes effort to win them for your business. If you’re not an active marketer those dollars won’t be coming your way. A mind-set of, “I can put the money back in when things turn around,” is short sighted and naïve. Odds are you’ll be too far behind (if your doors are still open for business) when the economy rebounds… and it will.

As wise man once said, “Life is tough… it’s tougher when you’re stupid.” Be smart about staying in front of your prospects and customers. Keep your marketing efforts going to whatever extent you can. So, because the U.K. has done a Brexit, don’t do something that will make you Regrexit. Keep on truckin’ when it comes to marketing your brand and business.