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LeftBrainRightBrain Marketing Announces Contract Renewal with Ponderosa Provisioners

Beaverton, OR – September 24, 2015 – LeftBrainRightBrain Marketing (LBRB) today announced that Ponderosa Provisioners, has renewed their retainer agreement with LBRB for the 3rd consecutive year. LBRB has served as Ponderosa’s agency of record since 2012.

“It’s been fun to watch the evolution of the Ponderosa brand over the past three years,” said Drew Zagorski, “and we’re looking forward to growing that effort during the upcoming year. This year, we’re planning a website redesign of the Ponderosa site and helping Rob expand his message with his commercial customers, as well as getting into blogging on a consistent basis.”

“LeftBrainRightBrain and Drew was one of the first moves I made when I took over Ponderosa Provisioners,” said Ponderosa’s Owner, Rob McCue. “He helped right out of the gate with re-branding the business and has helped up reach a larger audience, both on the wholesale and the retail sides of the business. He’s always a great resource for bouncing ideas and has brought a lot of expertise to the table for us. We’re looking forward to continuing our partnership and excited about the good things to come!”

About Ponderosa Provisioners

Ponderosa Provisioners is a family-owned, full service wholesale meat processing company and retail butcher shop. For decades Ponderosa has provided outstanding service and exceptional quality to Aloha, Hillsboro, Beaverton, Portland and the surrounding areas. Ponderosa purchases only the highest quality, local and sustainably sourced meat products. Ponderosa specializes in USDA Graded Prime and Choice Beef (sourced from the Pacific Northwest), Local Grass-fed Beef, Carlton Farms Pork and SuDan Farms Lamb, as well as Poultry, Buffalo and Veal. From custom and specialty cuts and grinds, Ponderosa Provisioners has the meat and poultry products that that will make any occasion memorable! To learn more visit the Ponderosa Provisioners website.