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When’s the Last Time You Saw a Mortgage Banker’s Website Like This?!

Theresa Springer isn’t your mom’s mortgage banker… OK, well she might be, and good for your mom! I’ve been working with Theresa now for over 10 years, and she’s helped me with mortgages, refi’s and equity lines. She’s one of the most left brain, right brain mortgage people I’ve ever met. She’s progressive and forward thinking, creative and a lot of fun to work with.

So last year when she came to me and said she was ready to take her stale old website and bust it out of the box, I was pretty excited to get going on it. Theresa wanted to build a new site that better reflected her personality and brand, and didn’t bog visitors down with disclaimers, bankerspeak and the stale way that most mortgage websites present their offerings.

We landed on a caricature of Theresa and pared down the mortgage loan information to a need-to-know level, without watering down the important elements of what mortgage customers needed to know.

“As usual, Drew zeroed in immediately on what I wanted and hit a bullseye,” says Springer. “But that wasn’t surprising. He’s been doing that for me for years. What I was surprised with was the final site design and layout he presented. It was way better than I’d imagined it could be. When we talked about make me a cartoon, I wasn’t sure what to expect. But I love, love, love the result!”

The new site is light years from what the previous versions were. It’s lighter, more accessible and even a good bit of fun to navigate through.