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LeftBrainRightBrain Launches Redesign of Magna Leadership Solutions, LLC Site

magna-leadershipBeaverton, OR – March 10, 2015 – LeftBrainRightBrain Marketing (LBRB) today announced the launch of a new web site for Magna Leadership Solutions, LLC. The redesign marks the third iteration, dating back to 2008, of the company’s web site that LBRB has executed and delivered.

“Magna has been a long time client of ours and we’ve been through a few generations of web site with them,” said Drew Zagorski, LBRB Principal. “In 2014 we began the conversation of refreshing the site, as it had been a few years and their site was beginning to show its age. In addition, some of the blogging tools that Dr. Kevin Gazzara was using were no longer being offered. We recommended transitioning the platform over to WordPress, so we could build in the blog to the new web site. The new site reflects a cleaner, more user friendly user interface and more accurately reflects Magna’s dynamic offerings and brand.”

Dr. Kevin Gazzara, President of Magna Leadership Solutions, LLC, added, “I’ve had the pleasure to have LeftBrainRightBrain Marketing develop all of our websites over the last 7 years and Drew and his team are true professionals when it comes to developing websites that get noticed and get results. If you are looking for a marketing agency and web developer that is flexible, knowledgeable and persistent, then Drew ‘the idea guy’ should be your first choice!”

About Magna Leadership Solutions, LLC

Founded in 2007, Magna Leadership Solutions develops leaders and provides them with tools and skills to measurably improve results and create sustainable businesses in all environments. Using assessments, training programs, coaching, facilitation, mentoring, and simulations, Magna creates leadership systems and measurable solutions for long-term sustainability.

Magna delivers tools for the client to determine measurable results so that they can benchmark their environment and quantify their return on investment, and guarantees results based on these measurements. Magna believes that success is only achieved when clients:

  • Are prepared to transition future generations of leaders.
  • Are well positioned, as a result of an improved cohesive and focused leadership team, to seize opportunities.
  • Will be confident in their ability to successfully manage and lead regardless of what changes may come in their industry, the economy or world events.

Visit the Magna Leadership Solutions web site to learn more.