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LeftBrainRightBrain Marketing Rolls Out New Site for The Oregon Foster Parents Association

Beaverton, OR – December 17, 2014 – LeftBrainRightBrain Marketing (LBRB) today announced the launch of a new web site for the Oregon Foster Parents Association (OFPA). The site refresh marked the first update in several years for the OFPA.

ofpa-forpostThe project came to LBRB by way of a referral from Camp to Belong Oregon Director Karyn Schimmels. LBRB earlier in 2014 collaborated with Camp to Belong to refresh the look of their site, the third version of the site they developed for CTB over several years. “After we finished work on the CTB site, Karyn mentioned that the OFPA site was in need of a long overdue update,” said Drew Zagorski, LBRB Principal. “We connected with OFPA to get a handle on their needs and what they were thinking of in terms of layout and design. We developed a site that offered streamlined information, with a priority on driving visitors to become members of the association.”

“Even with the limited content we provided LBRB, they launched a great site that allows us to build on,” said Don Darland, OFPA Baord Member. “We are excited to have a user friendly professional looking site to properly market our brand!”

About OFPA

The Oregon Foster Parent Association (OFPA) is a statewide association operating within the foster, relative, and adoptive community in Oregon. Founded in 1996, the organization’s mission is: “To improve the quality of the foster care system in Oregon and make Oregon foster homes the best they can be. Allowing each Oregon foster placement to become a home of safety and healing for Oregon’s most vulnerable children.” OFPA is funded through memberships, corporate and individual contributions, agency contracts, fundraisers, grants, and money earned through projects. The board of directors serve in a volunteer capacity and act as mentors to thousands of foster, adoptive, and relative care parents in the foster care system. For more information, please visit the OFPA website.