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Beaverton Companies Partner to Redesign Site for East Coast Financial Services Company

capstoneBeaverton, Oregon – December 3, 2014 – Local consulting companies, LeftBrainRightBrain Marketing (LBRB) and Agile Business Services partnered recently to redesign the web site of Capstone Legacy, a Philadelphia-based financial services firm.

Agile was the lead developer of Capstone’s new site, while LBRB developed the site layout and web design and refreshed the firm’s logo. LBRB and Agile have been business partners since 2009. “Wende Jones, CEO and Founder of Agile Business Services, contacted us to help with the project based on our years of design work we’d provided for Agile,” said Drew Zagorski, Principal of LBRB. “Wende and I have had a great working relationship for several years, so the project went very smoothly,” he continued, “it was a pleasure to work with her team!”

Visit Capstone Legacy online at http://www.capstonelegacy.org/ to view the new web site and updated company logo.

About Agile Business Services

Agile is a full service software development team, providing end-to-end coverage for every project they take on. Agile takes pride in their digital expertise, lean internal processes and unmatched commitment for bringing a client’s visions to life. To learn more about Agile, visit them online at http://agilenorthwest.com/.