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A Once and Future Client – LeftBrainRightBrain Marketing Announces Contract Renewal with JAMS – The Japanese Abacus Math School of Portland

Beaverton, OR – July 28, 2015 – LeftBrainRightBrain Marketing (LBRB) today announced that it has been named agency of record for JAMS – the Japanese Abacus Math School of Portland, LLC.

“I’ve always enjoyed my collaboration with Sensei Miwako and JAMS,” said Drew Zagorski, LBRB Principal, “so I was thrilled when she called me recently to talk about signing a new retainer agreement.” LBRB served as JAMS’ marketing agency from 2008-11, before a partnership took JAMS in a different direction. “When Miwako called, I was thrilled that she wanted to have us work with JAMS again. She’d mentioned that over the past few years the school had gotten away from what we’d done in our first tenure with her. We’re looking forward to refreshing the JAMS website and helping them achieve a larger presence and stronger reach in their community.”

“I’d worked with Drew Zagorski and LBRB in the past and he did a great job of helping me grow the business and school,” said Sensei Miwako Sakabayashi, Founder and Owner of JAMS – the Japanese Abacus Math School of Portland. “Then in 2011, things were going so well I brought in a new business partner so I could focus on teaching. My new partner took over our marketing efforts. We plodded along, until at last our marketing efforts were almost non-existent and it showed. As soon as the partnership was dissolved, the first call I made was to Drew. I’m thrilled to be working with him again and looking forward to getting back on track with a new website, and many other marketing and customer outreach plans. He brings many great ideas and creativity to the table… Drew is my jinni! Whatever I wish, he makes it happen and provides a level of excellence that’s hard to find! He did a great job for me the first time around and I’m certain he’ll help me get back on track.”

About JAMS – Japanese Abacus Math School of Portland, LLC

The Japanese Abacus Math School of Portland – JAMS – specializes in providing Abacus instruction with the goal of working closely with students to encourage them to succeed. JAMS believes that by empowering students to achieve success with the Abacus – focusing on classroom lessons and homework assignments – they will grow in areas that go well beyond the classroom. That’s been the JAMS approach since our doors opened in 2001. Please visit the JAMS website for more information.