LeftBrainRightBrain Marketing Delivers the
Secret Sauce for Small & Micro-Sized Businesses

LeftBrainRightBrain Marketing is an independent marketing, branding and advertising agency focused on the needs of smaller businesses. We understand the unique challenges entrepreneurs face in marketing and growing their business and brand.

LeftBrainRightBrain (launched in 2006 by master secret sauce chef, Drew Zagorski) will help you develop the recipe for your own secret sauce, so you can create a relevant brand that results in a loyal horde of followers. When you partner with us, you’ll get to taste our secret sauce, which is to deliver logically creative, big-agency results without big agency egos, hassles and budgets.


A Logically Creative Approach to Marketing and Branding Your Business

Socks first, then shoes…

Before launching into the creative aspects of your marketing, advertising and branding efforts, we’ll work with you to drill down to the core of:

  • who you are,
  • why you do what you do or offer what you offer,
  • who your clients, prospects and competitors are,
  • what your customers expect from you and how you impact their lives or business.

When we understand these things will we can craft your Positioning, or Brand Story. Taking this first, critical, step ensures that you’ll deliver the right message to the right people, in the right place and time, using the right channel and method. The outcome: market growth, loyal clients and employees, and naturally, success.

No Mystery About Your Investment

Many creative, advertising and marketing agencies will bid projects based on a range, from $X to $Y. You never know what the final cost will be. As a small business, this just doesn’t work.

LeftBrainRightBrain Marketing has been around the block a few times so we know what things cost and how long they take. That’s why we present fixed bids for project work and offer retainer agreements so you can plan your budget over a period of time. This way, you know what your investment is before your project begins. As long as we stay within the scope of work, no surprises.

Our retainer agreements allow you to allocate your marketing investment over a longer period of time. With this approach you’ll know your monthly marketing budget, have the confidence that comes from having a big picture strategy in place, and can focus on running your business because LeftBrainRightBrain is your marketing department.