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LeftBrainRightBrain Marketing Now Offering Consulting & Advisory Services

Beaverton, OR – February 20, 2015 – LeftBrainRightBrain Marketing (LBRB) today announced the offering of Consulting & Advisory services. The new service expands LBRB’s offerings beyond the tactical and production oriented offerings that clients have benefited from since the company’s launch in 2006.

“Many small and medium sized businesses have people in-house who are able to produce print collaterals, develop a web site, or even fill the role of Marketing Manager,” said Drew Zagorski, LBRB Principal, “however, it doesn’t always mean that the people filling these needs have a background in marketing. They may simply be the person on the team that knows how to use a piece of software. Consulting & Advisory services are aimed at these types of clients. We’ll help them ensure that their marketing tools and assets are all consistent with their brand message. We can also bring an experienced perspective to a review of their marketing plan, or help them define roles and find the right candidates to fill them. It’s really about coming in and providing an objective view to where they’re going and how to get there, as opposed to executing design and copy writing projects like brochures and web sites. It’s about helping clients maximize their investment in and results from the work they’re already doing in-house.”

CLICK HERE to learn more about LBRB’s Consulting & Advisory Services.

Since 2006, LeftBrainRightBrain Marketing has focused on delivering marketing, branding and advertising services and solutions to emerging to medium-sized and home-based businesses. LeftBrainRightBrain understands the unique challenges entrepreneurs face in marketing and growing their business and their brand, without the benefit of large marketing budgets.

Our goal is to ensure that your marketing, branding and advertising efforts are logically creative. If they are, you’ll connect with the people who make the biggest impact on the success of your business – your clients, prospects and employees – with the right message, at the right time and place, using the right channel and medium.

LeftBrainRightBrain solutions are designed to engage, educate, motivate and compel your audience to take the actions you desire. When that happens, you achieve success.