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Brochures and Datasheets? That’s Crazy Talk!

...or is it?

When I meet with a new prospect and bring up the idea of a brochure or datasheet, prospects and clients look at me as if to say, “You so cray-cray!” Well, evidence over the past many decades of my life bears that out. I just am. But enough about me. When we get deeper into that conversation, most of the time the prospect or client comes around when they get a full perspective on having one or both of these two “old-school” tools in the marketing toolbox.

We live in a digital age where a business’ website has taken the place of its brochure, and pages that present products replace datasheets. No argument here. That said, if you work in a business where you meet with prospects and clients to begin the business development/sales process, there’s no question you want to have materials to refer to that relate to your discussion.

Yes, you can have a tablet with you to show products and company info. But when you walk out of that meeting, it’s nice for the person you meet with to have a reference point that offers a bit more context than a business card. And leaving that brochure or sheet also keeps you in front of them when they get back to their desk when they’re on to the rest of their day. You’ll be in the line of sight and top of mind.

Now, because we do live in a digital age, there’s also not a need to print 5,000 of anything. If you want a brochure or sheet when you head out for your appointment, you can get as few as 25 commercial-grade digital prints for just a few bucks (depending on paper stock). So there’s no need to break the bank on printing or to clear-cut a forest to create the paper to print thousands of copies. And, you don’t even need to commercially print any! If you’ve got a good high-resolution PDF of your brochure or datasheet and a quality color printer in your office, you can simply fire off a single copy, grab it and go.

Then, when you have your meeting you have nice, branded pieces that deliver information and support your story leaving your prospect or client with a solid, professional impression. Having a PDF on file is also great for folks who call in. You can just email them the materials after the call along with your thank you or follow up message.

So… do you absolutely need a brochure and/or datasheet? No. But having them to support your sales pitch and enhance your brand will give you a more professional presence and give you a leg up on the next person to pitch your prospect.

If this missive has helped you see the light, give LeftBrainRightBrain a call and we’ll help you get these old-school tools back in your toolbox!