A Marketing Agency for Small Business

LBRB is the ideal partner for small businesses looking to grow their brand.

Branding and advertising that works begins with effective marketing.

When you have a solid handle on your market – from Positioning to defining your audience, understanding where to find them and who your competition is – you’ll set yourself up to succeed. Without the core intelligence that lies behind the visual brand, graphic design and copy writing, you’re shooting blanks. LeftBrainRightBrain Marketing will work with you to put a solid marketing foundation in place so that you’re branding and advertising will hit your targets.

Specializing in catering to the needs of smaller businesses, LeftBrainRightBrain can guide you to the best use of your branding dollar.

Call LeftBrainRightBrain today at 503.961.3647 and do the logically creative thing to move your business to the head of the pack!