Broadcast Marketing Projects

Broadcast marketing is not out of reach for small businesses.

You just need a logically creative approach…

Small business owners often feel that broadcast advertising and marketing is beyond their reach due to the perceived budget requirements. LBRB has helped several clients with video production for use in broadcast, product demos and more, as well as developing scripts for radio spots. Whatever your goals, we can help you determine the most cost effective way to deliver your message, from producing videos to helping you determine a strategy for a radio campaign. Whatever your perception is about the costs involved, call us and we’ll shed some light on it for you!

Check out these broadcast projects…

Client : Halt Pest Control Project : Radio Spots

Spot 1

Spot 2

Spot 3

Spot 4

Client : Halt Pest Control Project : Commercial

Client : Metke Remodeling & Luxury Homes Project : Tour of Remodeled Homes

Client : SpigotMaster Project : Product Demo

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