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Does Your Brand Do It All?

In baseball, there’s a classification of player that is considered the cream of the crop. The Hall of Fame is crammed with these guys. They’re considered 5-Tool Players.

A 5-Tooler has the following qualities:

  • They’re fast – they can go from 0 to 60 from a dead stop and on the basepaths
  • They’ve got a cannon for an arm – accurate and strong
  • They know how to sling the leather – their defensive skill rarely lets a ball get past
  • They can put it on the board – they hit for power
  • They’ve got a sweet swing – they can also hit for average

OK, so that’s a ballplayer at the top of their craft. What’s this got to do with branding?

When I think of brands that have it all going on – I think of them as 5-Tool Brands. Here’s what they bring to the game:

  • They understand their audience
    • These brands don’t really talk about themselves – WE, WE, WE… they speak to their audience and understand their needs, aspirations, and desires.
  • They have an iconic logo
    • Think Starbucks or Apple. OK, maybe you’re not a fan, but you know that logo when you see it. It’s unforgettable… and yeah, regardless of your take on the coffee or the tech, you have to admit, they’ve got great brand identities.
  • They are consistent across all media
    • They’re iconic because their visuals and messaging is consistent regardless of whether you’re looking at their business card, web site, brochure, commercial, whatever. They’re never off message.
  • They’ve got a great web site
    • This is where it all starts in the business world we live in. If the site looks crappy and isn’t search or device friendly, they lose. If it hits the mark visually, with great content and it performs well in search and on all devices, they win.
  • They create believers
    • This one’s only possible if all of the above are in line. But in addition these brands/companies ‘get it.’ They do what’s right for the customer no matter what.

So chew on that for a while. It’s only 5 things, but look around and you’ll see dozens of businesses that just don’t fit the bill. And those businesses, I’ll bet, are the ones you don’t have a very high opinion of. Now look at your business. Is it hitting on all 5 categories?

If not, take a step back, review what you’re doing, and work on getting it right. Be a 5-Tool Brand!

Infographic – What Does Your Brand Stand For? – https://www.pinterest.com/pin/110478997086576847/