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Anderson Poolworks Renews Annual Contract with LeftBrainRightBrain for 6th Year

Beaverton, OR, December 10, 2014 – Anderson Poolworks today renewed their annual retainer contract with LeftBrainRightBrain Marketing (LBRB). The new contract will mark the sixth year that LBRB has provided marketing and branding services to the custom pool designers and builders.

“Our partnership with Anderson has been a lot of fun, and Dana and Brody have been great to work with,” said Drew Zagorski, LBRB Principal. “We’ve taken them through multiple refreshes of their web site, as well as helping them with print and other advertising projects. We’re looking forward to the upcoming year and helping Anderson Poolworks to continue to extend their reach and grow their brand.”

“LBRB is extremely creative and has always far exceeded our expectations,” said Dana Anderson. “In fact, Drew expanded our vision of our marketing efforts and has nailed every task he’s proposed. We will definitely be retaining him for the long term.”

About Anderson Poolworks

Anderson Poolworks is particularly well known as pool designers and for their expertise in rigorous technical engineering feats. They have raised the bar for water features, swimming pools and backyard designs with their complex structural achievements. From dramatic wet-edge designs incorporated in challenging hillside terrains to courtyard plunge pools, each of Anderson Poolworks’ Watershapes is individually designed to suit the client’s lifestyle (or work style), as well as the site, itself. They continue to elevate the level of excellence that they offer to clients through their never-ending quest for new knowledge, novel materials, and fresh and innovative designs. To learn more, visit them online at AndersonPoolworks.com.