Drew Zagorski, Principal

Throughout a true left-brain-right-brain career, Drew has worked in roles that touch on all aspects of marketing and branding.

He gets it – for the creative elements of a marketing and brand campaign to work, they need to be grounded in sound market intelligence.

With experience ranging from communication design and creative, copy writing, graphics and web development, video production, research and market/data analysis Drew brings an uncommon perspective and understanding to developing and executing brand and marketing strategies and programs.

Drawing on a marketing career that began in the late 1980s, in both the B2B and B2C arenas, there’s not much Drew hasn’t done in the way of marketing and branding organizations, products and services. The brush strokes of his career cover industries including professional services, retail and consumer services, financial services, training, and of course logically creative marketing. Drew has also been a part or partner of worldwide organizations such as Accenture / A.C. Nielsen, as well as small and medium-sized, family owned businesses and startups.

Drew enjoys spending time with his wife, daughters and dogs. He enjoys movies and is a major bibliophile, enjoying history, biographies, fantasy and suspense/historical fiction novels most of all. Hailing from a certain Midwestern town that “begins wit a C, ends wit a O, and has a HICAG in da middle,” he also enjoys following Chicago sports teams (except the Cubs – he’s a Sox fan) and Notre Dame football. Drew holds a B.A. in Business Administration and Marketing Management from the Illinois Institute of Technology.

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